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Andrew Brooke, Designer

Andrew started his working life as a runner in TV commercials production, at first working with advertising photographer and commercials director Barney Edwards, a job that required technical proficiency and adept production skills. Via a long trip to Africa, short sprees in various jobs within TV commercials and a stint in New York, he found work at RSA Films in London as a Production Manager, where he met David Bailey. After two years Andrew moved to work independently of RSA Films as David Baileys producer for nearly five years before leaving to pursue his own course.

This decision led him eventually to film school in Paris, to explore a more creative path, breaking from production to work with both film and photography, as a cameraman, director and photographer.

He has traveled extensively and worked on documentaries, short films, feature films and commercials. He has taught at the International Film School in Paris and guest lectured at Frances premiere film and photography university, Louis Lumiere. In recent years his photographs have been sold through galleries, bought for private and corporate collections.  He combines his personal photography with commissioned work, and filmmaking.

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