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Film-making is a collaborative creative process, and by the time the film is finished a number of talented people will have left their mark on it. Similarly, incorporating other voices during the writing process can lead to a more powerful script that is more likely to get produced.

Production companies often choose to bring on a seasoned writer to brush up a new script. This is not a sign of failure by the original writer, in fact it's a sign that they can see the potential of this work, and want to invest in honing it.

We have worked as script doctors on films for serious production companies that are currently shooting. In particular if greater character depth is needed, or if a comedy needs more jokes, then a script doctor is a valuable investment.

Our team can transform your current draft script into something ready for the greenlight

This is an intensive process, and we only work with scripts we believe we can successfully improve. We have good feedback and credentials in this field. Prices available on request.

Script Doctoring

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