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A still from the play Dear Darwin, starring Michael Stanley

Our stage plays

Poster for Freedom, a play by Rick Limentani


A tragicomic drama about an opium farmer who tells a daring lie to protect his Tajikistan farmlands from druglords. He is forced to send his son away to England, where he develops a relationship with an emotionally damaged young woman, and his feelings for her begin to interfere with his father’s carefully laid plans. 

Premiered at the Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury in 2011

36 performances

2 tours of the UK, one of Spain and a 4-week run at the Arcola Theatre, London

4,000 tickets sold

Poster for Royal Flush, Shakespeare vs Cervantes, theatre play

Royal Flush

A modern-day retelling of The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare with an introduction based on The Beautiful Scullery Maid by Miguel de Cervantes, both of whom died exactly 400 years before the play premiered.

The play included live music, singing and dance.

Premiered at the Cuenca Auditorium in Cuenca, Spain, in 2016

65 performances

Tour of 10 cities of Spain, including a 2-week run at Canal Theatre in Spain

31,000 tickets sold

Poster for theatre play Dear Darwin

Dear Darwin

Incorporating the work of 12 international artists, Dear Darwin tells the story of a teenager overcoming first heartbreak, bullying and social media abuse through a broad range of media, including video art, animation, stop-motion, free running, hip-hop, rap and contemporary dance.

Premiered at Canal Theatre in Madrid, 2015

19 performances

4 theatres across Spain

13,000 tickets sold

Poster for theatre adaptation of Canterbury Tales for children

Canterbury Tales

An adaptation of three of Chaucer's tales for children, including live music, singing and dance. Three pilgrims tell stories, in a contest to see who buys dinner, with the winner decided by the audience.

Premiered at Canal Theatre in Madrid, 2013

64 performances

4 tours of Spain, the most recent in 2017, visiting 15 cities, including the islands

51,000 tickets sold

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