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Script Editing

Script Reports are useful for big directional changes, but often a script will be let down by the nitty gritty of individual scenes. Having a friendly but impartial reader give detailed comments on a script can be an eye-opening experience. Our team have years of experience as copywriters, copyeditors, screenwriters and film-makers, and will be able to give you detailed feedback to polish and turbo-charge your script, including:

  • Identifying inconsistencies in the universe and plot holes in the story (e.g. "this factually couldn't happen because..." or "why didn't they just...")

  • Challenging structural issues and proposing improvements (e.g. "this character has been missing for a long time, why not bring them back in here" or "why not hold this back from the audience until later, to build tension...")

  • Encouraging brevity and consistency of voice (e.g. "The first half page of this scene isn't needed" or "Why has this character started to talk like...")

  • Correcting formating and langugage errors (e.g. "the normal format for introducing a characer is...." or "the action paragraph says 'there' instead of 'their'...")

Our team will carefully consider every word of your script, in the kindest way possible, to help you sweep all the chaff out of your opus. All corrections will be left to you, and you may choose to ignore any of our notes you choose. The issues we identify will be the same ones that leap out to the executives to whom you send your scripts. Using our feedback to correct dozens of minor inconsistencies and errors will give your script a shine that will help it to stand out as exceptional.

Price is dependent on length. This is a time intensive activity that requires focus and attention to detail, so is not cheap, but discounts are available for students and referrals:

Up to 10 pages

10 to 60 pages

60 to 120 pages

120 to 150 pages


£100 - £300

£300 - £600

£600 - £750

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