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In January and February 2018 we ran a very successful tour of workshops for young people in Spain, in collaboration with Future Scouts.

Future Scouts is an innovative 21st century skills and literacy development program focused on preparing youth for a quickly changing world. Our workshops explored how science fiction, systems thinking and storytelling can help us imagine our preferred futures. For this 90 min program, we took inspiration from Buckminster Fuller, who viewed the earth as a Spaceship hurtling through space, and all of us as crew - but without a manual! We took this as our design challenge, to create the instructions and solutions that create wealth, health, equality and peace.


To inspire them, participants were given a short brief from the perspective of the year 2022. They were split into groups of 4-6, where they are assigned a topic, and asked to develop questions, a hypothesis, and then develop solutions through hands-on prototyping with various physical materials. After the prototyping phase, each group shared their creation and it was documented and captured as a possible solution for our future.

The programme was incredibly popular and the feedback from staff and children alike was overwhelmingly popular. We hope to schedule another Future Scouts tour soon!

For more details about Future Scouts and their work in the USA, click here.

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