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A romantic fairytale

12 min long

Shown at 29 international festivals

Represented by KurzFilmAgentur, Hamburg

1st Prize, London City Film Festival


Best Director, ProFiRe Short Film Festival, Edinburgh


Jury Bronze Award, Media Film Festival, Pennsylvania


Best Foreign Film Award, 15 Minutes of Fame, Florida


Audience Choice Award, the Shire Festival, Australia


Award of Excellence, Best Shorts Award, California

Award of Merit, Accolade Competitions, California
1st Prize Award for Gemalogia
Jury Award for Gemalogia
Best Foreign Film award for Gemalogia
Audience Choice Award for Gemalogia
Award of Excellence for Gemalogia
Award of Merit for Gemalogia
Best Director award for Rick Limentani

Erick is a young gemologist who works for a bank that specialises in classifying diamonds, until he falls in love, and discovers he can no longer do his job. He has come to realise that imperfections are what give character and make something special and unique, be it a stone or a person. Based on a true love letter

Director - Rick Limentani

Writers - Rebeca Cobos and Rick Limentani

Producer - Rebeca Cobos

Director of Photography - Andrew Brooke

Editor - Khaled Salem

Composer - Ivan Capillas

Starring - Alex Barahona, Rebeca Cobos and Pedro Gómez

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