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London Reviews

“A superbly written play that is well worth a visit!  The play is raw in its portrayal and this is its strength.”
Rian Perle plays the role of Benham extremely well. His constant struggle to retain his pride and keep his family’s tradition of working the farm, and in effect his own moral freedom, is a hard battle.
Cobos adds an extra pace to the play with her vibrant and dynamic performance
Rick Limentani’s directing combines comedy and conflict to deliver an absorbing play. 

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There are three very fascinating characters, played solidly by three very good actors.
Singharay, has a great presence on stage, and is ably supported by his co-stars, Perle and Cobos.
Visually, the production is fantastic and using Tajikistan as an influence, the music is also very engaging and a nice accompaniment.     

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Boasting an elaborate and superbly designed set juxtaposing two clashing cultures, Freedom presents almost as many triumphs as challenges, punctuated as it is by flashes of genuine pathos and comedy.
Singharay hits the right comedic notes and gives a very enjoyable performance; Cobos really came into her own in the latter scenes, evincing real emotion. 


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An interesting and original story of the persistent dilemma faced by many first and second-generation ‘kids’ who know only too well how their family histories are full of compromised ethical questions due to desperate economic circumstances and war.
I fully applaud the staging of Freedom and value Rick Limentini writing and direction and Rebeca Cobos’, Indranyl Singharay’s and Rian Perle’s acting.      

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