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Rebeca Cobos,

Actress, Producer

Rebeca has worked for fifteen years as a professional actress in films, TV and theatre, both nationally in her native Spain, and internationally (thank to her high levels of English). Some of her bigger success include:

In theatre
• The lead roles in an English version of the musical Godspell, and Spanish plays Fulgor y Muerte de Joaquín Murieta by P Neruda, Sin Espacio al Olvido, and a version of Time & the Conways by JB Priestley

In Cinema,
• This year Rebeca starred as the Queen Elisabeth of Spain in a worldwide film to promote FIAP
• Rebeca played the lead role of Nuria in the dark comedy Don´t Say A Word
• In Tirant Lo Blanc she played Elisea, directed by the celebrated Vicente Aranda, and in the Argentinian classic Arcibel's Game she played Rosalinda, directed by Alberto Lecchi. Other films include Diario de una Becaria, and Dark Minstrel (Tuno Negro)

When not acting, Rebeca is equally active behind the scenes. She has worked as an actors coach on several projects, she has developed film projects for producers and in November 2010 Rebeca produced (and co-wrote and starred in) the short film Gemalogia, which is currently being sent to festivals around the world. She is rapidly gaining a reputation as a very able producer and has recently acted as a production consultant on a couple of film projects. Rebeca is also an accomplished writer.

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