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The Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales is Parlon's most enduring play, having now completed four tours of Spain, the most recent running for three months in spring 2017.

The play is an adaptation of three of Chaucer's classic tales: The Nun's Priest's Tale, The Pardoner's Tale and The Wife of Bath's Tale. The stories are performed in clear English by native English cast for our ESL audience. The stories include puppetry, rap, live music and singing all delivered by our musically talented actors.

There are two versions of the play, Canterbury Kids, a shorter, lighter version for a younger audience, and Canterbury Teens, a little longer, with more interactive elements, for an audience aged 10 and up.

Canterbury Tales premiered in Madrid in 2013, and has since returned to Spain three further times, selling out each time, and being seen by tens of thousands of children and teens.

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