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Workshops in the UK and Spain

Our Workshops are fun and exciting for all ages and promote integration, adaptability, versatility, respect and tolerance. They are tailor made to fit your requirements.
For each workshop that Parlon offers in the UK, there is a previously decided agreement with the teachers/staff regarding the  structure of the workshop, which would be carried out prior to the performance.

Workshops are in the theatre when Parlon is on Tour and are offered Free to groups of 8 plus who have booked tickets to see the production. Tickets for groups are generally at a special reduced price

Providing Educational Resources to English Learning Students in Spain  

We provide a didactic pack in which Freedom is the pretext to improve the communicative competence, stimulate the autonomous learning process, provide a chance of working in teams and also in placing grammatical concepts, not just for ESO students, but for any person seeking to brush up and enjoy their English through theatre.

This pack, supplied to you over a month beforehand, includes multiple videos, listening and reading activities, as well as exercises to improve speaking skills and vocabulary exercises, running in tandem with the story of the play.


The Performance is in English Language

The only actor that is not native from the UK, plays the Spanish character in piece. She is however bilingual (Spanish/English). The performance is divided into two parts, separated by a short interval. In total the running-time is 1h and 45 min.


A 'Question and Answer' session is held after each performance on the stage itself. Students are encouraged to provide their comments, questions and feedback to the actors in English about any aspect of the performance they just watched.

The aim of this session is help the students to perfect linguistic, discursive, and sociolinguistical strengths that can effectively boost their oral and written comprehensions, oral expression and interpreting of non-verbal codes that appears in the interaction.


Information on Spanish Workshops

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